Special exhibition “The New Naked” with Sonja Brüggemann

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have experienced a real loss of public art and culture in recent months. With the “Maßnahme” project, artists want to counteract this decline in Kiel from 28.08. to 13.09. – and at the same time revive empty spaces. The Gallery Simone Menne is exhibiting portrait photos by Sonja Brüggemann at a location in Schwedendamm 9. The exhibition “The New Naked” deals with the ways our everyday life has changed since Covid-19. It shows a new kind of vulnerability that stems from us only being allowed to meet in public wearing masks. Taking the photos was a different experience than usual portrait projects: Normal signs of non-verbal communication, emotions and facial expressions were almost completely eliminated. The smile behind the mask is often invisible.

I have known Sonja Brüggemann for a long time, first through her industrial photographs, then through her artistic works. Looking at the faces of “The New Naked” touches me very much. As an outsider, the individuality of each person is revealed primarily through the choice of mask.

You can visit the special exhibition from August 28 to September 13 every Thursday to Sunday from 2 to 6 p.m.

Click here for more information, including on the other exhibits (German only)

[:reboot] – Current Exhibition by Jörg Plickat and Rotraut Fischer-Plickat

I am delighted to host jewellery by Rotraut Fischer-Plickat and sculptures by Jörg Plickat as my gallery’s current highlights. The material chosen by Jörg Plickat, steel, has played a decisive role in Kiel’s history: It is reminiscent of shipbuilding and weaponry. The natural stone jewellery made by Rotraut Fischer-Plickat offers a delicate contrast to the massive sculptures, the stones used are also silent witnesses to the history of the earth.

You can find more information about the jewellery and the sculptures in our catalogue:


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